This One Thing I Know... | Joe Crowley

I think we can all agree that we are living in some interesting times, to say the least. We live in a time where everyone has an opinion, and that opinion can be broadcast worldwide with the press of a button. Sorting through what is fact, what is fiction, and how the information will affect us today and in the future consumes many of us. You only need to turn to social media in order to see this in action.

But within all the chaos, conspiracies, narratives both true and false, this one thing I do know:

Jesus loves you.  

These three simple words altered the direction of my life and changed my family’s history forever. These three simple words keep me confident in who is truly in control in these chaotic times. These three simple words have the power to invade and change those who are searching for answers in dealing with these current situations.

I wish I had the answers to solve all the things I see going on in the world today. I wish I had the answers to stop all the divisions I see in our country and around the world. I wish I could snap my fingers to make everything be ok.  I truly wish I had the right words to say to change peoples lives.

Then again, maybe I do?

Jesus Loves You.