Disappointment | Heather Mulcahy

“Sorry, something came up.” Most of us have heard or spoke that phrase a time or two. Plans change, and people let us down. Disappointment is simply a part of life. We have an expectation of what our day will look like, and then in a moment, it can change. Those unmet expectations that lead to disappointment can have the power to take us to dark places.

Anger, sadness, loneliness, and rejection are just a few of the feelings that disappointment can lead to. Feeling let down and disappointed can stir up adverse emotions in us. Those simple feelings of disappointment can snowball into darker feelings. When others let us down, we can feel rejected or abandoned. In those moments of despair, we can unpack there and let bitterness grow, or we can look up. 


When we choose to look up, we choose to submit our plans and expectations to the Lord. We can bravely, boldly, and confidently say, “Your will, Lord, not my own.” We set ourselves free from the disappointments of life when we say, “Lord, set the path before me.” We can ask God to be the guide to our day and for us to be used by Him to accomplish His will. A simple prayer of, “Lord, remind me of your purpose in my life, and don’t let me get distracted by the things of this world. Let me seek Your way.” 


We find rest in seeking God’s will for our lives. We release feelings of disappointment. We choose to use those feelings as an indication to seek God’s direction for our day. When we look up and ask God to direct our steps, there is little room for disappointment. We will not be disappointed in God’s plan for us and our days. He loves us more than we can comprehend. He never leaves us or forsakes us. When we rest in the plans God has for us, we are free. 


Let us choose to live in the moment and be willing to accept what God has in store for our day!