We believe that the mission of the gospel is to love and serve those surrounding us – particularly the poor and hurting. An important way we reach out to the community is through the ministry of an organization that was founded by Spirit of God Fellowship: Restoration Ministries, whose mission is based on Matthew 25:35-36: 


“For I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you invited me in, naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me, in prison and you visited me.”


Restoration Ministries is a separate, not-for-profit organization which provides two residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs (one for men, one for women), after-school and youth programs (including a boxing club, arts programs, meals, chess club, and literacy programs), a food pantry, and thrift stores (which provide work for the residents and funds for the ministry). 


For more general information on Restoration Ministries or to find out how you can serve, email rmi@restorationministries.net or visit their website at www.restorationministries.net




“We forget this is a church; it feels like family.” ­­
Pastora Paula Lopez


Espiritu de Dios Comunidad Cristiana is our Spanish-speaking sister church, led by Pastores Jose and Paula Lopez. Before Spirit of God Fellowship was a church, it was a Bible study meeting in the basement of the church’s founding pastor, John Sullivan. In that Bible study were Jose and Paula Lopez, who would later become the pastors of Espiritu de Dios Comunidad Cristiana.


Espiritu de Dios is more than a building; it is a community of God’s people who are there for each other in the midst of all kinds of circumstances – a family. Their church services are held on Sunday afternoons at 12:30, followed by a dinner.


If you’re looking for a Spanish-speaking church for you or your family to grow, love, and serve in, Espiritu de Dios Comunidad Cristiana could be the community for you.


To find out more information about Espiritu de Dios Comunidad Cristiana, check out their Facebook page or contact Jose Lopez at j.lopez2599@att.net.


We love seeing each other on Sunday mornings. But we also long for a deeper connection with each other—and that’s what our Connect Groups can do!


Connect Groups are small groups of people who meet informally at regular times and build relationships during prayer, Bible study, outings, meals, or any number of activities.


Anyone can join a Connect Group! Click below to sign up or get more information:


“He’s lit, He’s love, He’s life,

Leaders in Training and our light shines bright.”


Leaders in Training is Spirit of God Fellowship’s youth group for youth age 10 through high school. Whether LIT is doing a service project downtown or playing together in the gym, they are learning to become leaders who will impact their communities in the name of Jesus. They are our future.


Youth ages 10-14 will meet Friday nights from 5:30-7:00 p.m.


Those in high school, beginning at age 15, will meet for special events. Check here or email us for upcoming events. 


For more information on Leaders in Training, contact Pam Banks by phone at (708) 606-9440 or email pam@restorationministries.net.


We are thrilled to offer nursery for children aged 4 and younger and Sunday School for school-aged children during our worship services. This fall, we have launched a new Sunday School program. We will offer two Kids Connect classes, one for kids in kindergarten through 2nd grade, and another class for kids in 3rd through 5th grade. Then we offer Youth Connect, which offers Sunday School for kids in 6th through 8th grade.


All Sunday school classes take place at 10 a.m., during our Sunday worship service.


Click below for more information about our programs and to register your child for Sunday School.


If you have experienced divorce or separation, Spirit of God Fellowship offers hope, healing, and support through free 13-week group sessions through the nationally-recognized program DivorceCare.


You do not need to be a part of Sprit of God Fellowship to join this group. We meet Wednesdays at 7:00pm.


We know from scriptures that there is a season for everything, including grief. Grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences of life. You don’t have to walk through your grief journey alone.


Join us for GriefShare, a 13-week program that will aid you as you heal and recover from loss. We meet Sundays after the service.


Several times a month, a group from Spirit of God Fellowship heads to a neighborhood in need in Chicago- Cicero area. There, they fire up a grill, unload boxes of clothes, and offer the love of Christ to hundreds of people who are hungry, thirsty, and broken.


Led by Ulises and Gigi Adames, many people they speak to are experiencing homelessness,  suffering from a mental illness, fighting addiction, or simply facing tough times. “We want to be the hands and feet of God,” says Ulises. Gigi leads worship, and Ulises brings a message of hope, salvation, healing, and restoration. People leave with their bodies and spirits fed, and usually with a few pairs of socks or other donated items to help them survive.


“What they are experiencing is not who they are,” Gigi says. “We want to show them that God’s love for them is unconditional.”


There are a few ways to help this ministry. First, hold this ministry up in prayer as they bring God’s love to those who are in need of so much. Second, we are always in need of donations. Items most desired are jackets or coats, shoes, socks, backpacks, sweaters, sweatshirts, blankets, bras, feminine products, and wipes. Clothing items do not need to be brand new, but should be in good condition. Finally, if you would like to join the Street Ministry with your own gifts and heart for Jesus, contact us at sogfchurch7@gmail.com.