Messages of Hope

Hello, church family! God has been speaking to me during this time of quarantine, even though I might not have yet put it into practice! One of the areas of my life He’s been speaking to directly has been thanking Him and trusting Him IN ALL SEASONS. 

“Americans today hold a paradoxical attitude toward religion: Polls show a rise in interest in religion – but at the same time a decline in church membership. The explanation is simple: A lot of people think they can have religion without the church.

We are living in unsure times, with questionable information and “truth.” Do not be swayed. Our heavenly Father has promised us that we will always be taken care of, with no conditions. God sees our needs and God provides.

About a week or so into the shelter-in-place, I was walking my dog and praying. If I were being honest, it was more like complaining to God. As I looked at what was going on around me in the natural world, none of it was what I would have chosen, and I was letting God know that. 

"It’s been 9 days since Jesus rose from the dead. Everything seems different. I have literally seen a dead man come back to life. If you would’ve asked me if Jesus was going to be put to death and then live again, I think I would have told you 'sure.' And what I mean is that I thought Jesus would be alive like Abraham or David, in the presence of God. But to my utter amazement, I’ve seen Jesus at least half a dozen times...