After the Resurrection | Mathew James

"It’s been 9 days since Jesus rose from the dead. Everything seems different. I have literally seen a dead man come back to life. If you would’ve asked me if Jesus was going to be put to death and then live again, I think I would have told you 'sure.' And what I mean is that I thought Jesus would be alive like Abraham or David, in the presence of God. But to my utter amazement, I’ve seen Jesus at least half a dozen times...


Even when he’s not with me, I’ve been flooded with memories of Jesus’ words and miracles. I’ve been laughing at my stupidity; crying over Jesus’ compassion and mercy, furious over my fear and lack of faith.


The fact that Jesus is alive means that all the words he spoke were true, every miracle was a sign of where he came from, and his death proved that a new era had begun.


I want to talk openly about it, but Jesus said they would treat us like they treated him. Honestly, I’m afraid...


But it’s not right that the whole world doesn’t know what happened in this part of the planet. No, they don’t know; but they will. They have to know. They have to believe in Jesus just like we who saw, heard and touched him believe.


I do hope that the promised Spirit makes a difference. We’ll see; won’t we..?"


We saw him with our very own eyes.

We gazed upon him and heard him speak.

Our hands actually touched him,

the one who was from the beginning,

the Living Expression of God.

I John 1:1