Messages of Hope

I have a confession to make. I participated in looting…

I stole this message from Miles McPherson, pastor of Rock Church in San Diego. His message is entitled “The Third Option.” It’s the best response for Christians that I’ve found on the current racially charged crisis dividing our society.

There's a modern parable that’s been told from time to time about someone driving around a crowded shopping mall, praying for a parking spot close by the entrance. We often find ourselves asking God for these little personal favors.

Try to imagine a world without Bibles...

The reality is that there are places on earth where scripture is unknown, and the people who live in those cultures don’t know anything about Jesus Christ. This truth should stir us to pray not only that God’s Word will reach them, but also that they will realize how valuable the Bible is. Without it, none of us would have any idea how to be saved—or even that we needed salvation.

I believe in the sun when it is not shining.

I believe in love even when I cannot feel it.

I believe in God even when he is silent.


When I first saw this on a print in a shop, I cried. It touched me so deep emotionally, and

I wasn’t sure why. My husband purchased the print for me, and it hangs in our living room.

Every time I passed it, I cried and would become so emotional.

As I have read the Word over the years, I have to admit, I’ve never paid much attention to the “greetings” in many books/letters of the bible. If you’re like me, you read them, but only as a formality in order to get to the meat of the message, right?